January 2019: New Moon, New Vibes, New Intentions & A Partial Solar Eclipse

Happy 2019!! The intensity of the last couple of months in 2018 is officially over. We made it, and are coming into this new year with a bang. In less than five days, we are here to set intentions.  

Photo Courtesy of Black Nerd Problems

A solar eclipse occurs when the new moon passes between the earth and the sun. It is the time to get excited, pull out your favorite tarot deck, write in your journal, or meditate with crystals. A few crystals that are good to work with during this time are:

  • Moonstone - balance, introspection, and intuition
  • Citrine - imagination, creativity, joy and abundance
  • Larimar - love, nurture and respect for one's self

With a supercharged eclipse taking this new moon in Capricorn to the next level, let's plant seeds that focus on reaching goals, success, future security, and handling responsibilities to see what will bloom. This is the time to dig deep and make that goal or dream a reality.

Capricorn means business. The ambitious, responsible, and disciplined side of you is being called in.

  • Put pen to paper
  • Do not second guess yourself
  • Reach for the stars and
  • Plan for the next six months


Photo Courtesy of Black Nerd Problems  

Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, the planet of karma, boundaries and limitations. Take that in mind when sketching out your six month plan to reach your goal or fulfill that dream. Be sure to remember the lessons in the past that you do not want to repeat.

Here's a friendly reminder, the actions taken and decisions we make during this solar eclipse have the potential to make a long term impact on our lives. So, if you need to spend some time reflecting on what you really want - do it. 

Featured Image: albvillero.tumblr.com

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  • Definitely the energy and vibe I’ve been feeling. Happy 2019

  • Happy 2019 to you too!🙌🏽 Thanks for great points that I need to reflect on too! 😊

    B. Evans

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