June 23, 2019: Soul*Solstice 

Come join me for my upcoming workshop: Soul*Solstice @Maharose this Sunday, June 23, 2019 from 3-5pm.

Time to let go of old weathered things and celebrate your future self on this remarkable seasonal event, the Summer Solstice. 🌞

Journey with me as we explore the depths of our physical, emotional, and spiritual freedom. Embrace your fiery badass self, soak up the energy of the extended sun light and let it fuel your very being. 🌞 


June 22, 2019: Wellness Fair at Playground Coffee Shop

You are invited to the Wellness Fair happening on Saturday, June 22, 2019 #playgroundcoffeeshop. Come check me out and all the wonderful vendors. I will be offering tarot and crystal readings from 11-6. (Location: 1114 Bedford Avenue, Brooklyn, NY)


It will be such a special time! Let’s practice communication with our bodies and others in helpful and non-violent manners. Let’s continue to focus on moving past glamorized versions of self-preservation, self-care, and self-love that we see projected via social media and modern advertisements. Let’s take care of ourselves as individuals, family, friends, and community.