2021: New Moon Goddess Circles

2021: New Moon Goddess Circles

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Happy New Moon Sis-stars!!

CHANNEL YOUR INNER 👑GODDESS at our ongoing New Moon Goddess Circles: 

Calling all women to:

🌙Take time out to sit in a space together with no distractions

🌙Create conscious connections

🌙Cleanse your mind, body & spirit

🌙Receive a chakra balancing

🌙 Reiki energy treatment

🌙Move and release stress in a light yoga flow

🌙Journey on a new path filled with intention setting and affirmations for the moon cycle

🌙Experience Sisterhood in this sacred Moon circle by being open, intentional, and share in the joy, hope, gratitude, and happiness, Goddess

* Bring a journal for soul writing, an open mind and heart.

* You are also welcome to bring crystals or anything special to you to cleanse, charge or energize at the altar.

February 10: 9-10:30

March 12: 9-10:30

April 12: 9-10:30

May 10: 9-10:30

June 10: 9-10:30 (Solar Eclipse)

July 8: 9-10:30

August 7: 9-10:30

*Zoom link will be applied after registration.